DC Limo Rentals 101

There’s an old expression “You get what you really truly pay for”. Unfortunately, occasionally within this sector, you really do not receive exactly what you expect. Here are a few shrewd limo pointers to assist you make a choice to rent with trusted companies like Presidential Limousine.

1. Many organizations mis-represent the ownership status of the vehicles (i.e. When you phone to get a verbal or straightforward quote, get the vehicles picture nevertheless they sub-contract their work to other businesses without your knowledge) they possess. Request to see their facilities to confirm ownership. It’s crucial that you just GO SEE WHAT IT IS YOU’RE GOING TO RENT FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL EVENT.

2. A lot of companies quote an interest rate without including all their fees to help it seem to be much less expensive.

A number of limo company’s verbal and emailed quotes seem too favorable to be authentic for a reason. They’ll just quote the fundamental rate of service, purposely and maybe not including fuel surcharges, their service fees, along with other miscellaneous fees. This could lead to the estimate sounding 20% to 30% less in relation to the real total price of the lease. In case you are simply searching for a “deal”, you’re guaranteed in full to find yourself with an old high mileage limo for your own occasion.

3. Many businesses won’t ensure the automobile you’re renting written down as yours for your date. Because they’ll simply give the automobile you need to the best bidder and it’s done deliberately.

While they’ll verbally let you know what you need to listen to on the telephone, But should you read the fine print of these contracts, they say they do not ensure the vehicles.

A Presidential Limousine ensures the vehicle you’re renting on paper. All pictures on this particular website are precise pictures of the vehicles owned entirely by Presidential Limousine.

Get the Cost of your Limo Rental Up Front

Each company will typically have their own unique pricing policies. Look closely at “addons” like fuel surcharges or alternative service fees perhaps not included within the base cost. FYI, it’s customary to tip drivers 18-20% of the bottom cost. A driver tip is automatically charged by most companies, though some leave it to the client to determine. Make sure to obtain the complete cost up front when considering your choices.

Presidential Limousine service constantly supplies you the total cost for every single quote – without any hidden fees or alternative surprises!

Obtain the Most suitable Limo Ride for your Event

Presidential Limousine service offers vehicle graphics, descriptions plus videos, and therefore are offered to answer any questions that might have prior to your own trip.

Make an effort to reserve a vehicle which has room for at least 1 to two more individuals than have been in your party. Music is provided by some companies (radio or satellite radio), therefore inquire ahead of time or be ready to choose your iPod or a combination CD with enough music to survive the entire ride. Also inquire about attributes such as baggage capacity and the seating arrangement for big group vehicles.

Concentrate on Value: the Most effective Limo Service at the Very best Price

Absolutely not all ground transport services are equival. Cost shouldn’t be the sole variable in your search for a limo car service. Just like renting a resort, different service levels are often met by different price points. It’s great to have a budget established in advance, but understand what kind of experience you need, and what the cost will be to meet that experience expectation.

Risks You Accept When Shopping for the “Best Price”

– Your limousine does not show up. You miss your concert or special event! – Your limousine is late. You miss your flight.

– A 2001 model limousine rusting at the seams arrives at your door when you were
expecting a new model limousine. Instead of being lavished in luxury, you are

– Your limousine chauffeur exercises poor customer service with your company’s
most influential client. You lose the account.

– Your limousine breaks down on the freeway during transport to your wedding.
You and your bridal party are late to the most important day of your life. — yet, you saved $75.00

– Your limousine service gets into an accident and does not have proper insurance
to cover the damages involved in your injuries.

– Your limousine shows up late for your wedding. The groom doesn’t get to the
church until 1 hour later among bewildered and disgruntled guests. Yet, you
saved $75.00

The Limo Got Into An Accident and lost reservations!

Don’t be the customer who gets the “The Limo Got Into An Accident” or “We don’t
have your reservation” story. Cover yourself by getting a signed contract and by
shopping smart. Shopping on price alone is dangerous. Some unethical operators
do not hesitate to drop a reservation to pickup a better paying fare.

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