DC Limo Rentals 101

There’s an old expression “You get what you pay for”. Unfortunately, occasionally within this industry, you actually don’t receive what you expect. Here are a few insider tips to assist you when choosing a trusted limo company like Presidential Limousine.

What vehicle (year, make, model, color, features) will actually pick me up?

At Presidential Limousine, all of our vehciles are within three years old. Some vehicles such as H2 Hummer are older because they are no longer being produced. Many limo companies don’t actually own the vehicles listed on their websites. They are new models just for show, but an old limo will be the one to actually pick you up. When you book your limo, ask specifically what the year, make, model, and color of the limo are. Also ask what features are included so you make sure you get what you pay for. A common scam is for a limo company to say that the limo you were scheduled for is in the shop for maintenance. If that happens, you should expect a discount! Make sure your contract specifies you’re only paying a specific rate for a specific vehicle.

What is the final price I’ll pay, with all fees, taxes, and surcharges included?

With Presidential Limousine, all our rates are All Inclusive! Most companies quote a price without including all their fees to make it seem much less expensive. Make sure to ask what the final price charged to your credit card will be.

You may encounter a quote either verbally or via email that seems too good to be true. These limo companies are only including their time and limo rental in the quote. They may be leaving off items like fuel surcharges, service fees, booking fees, city and state taxes, along with other miscellaneous fees. This leads to the actual price being 20-30% more than the quoted price.

Will the limo I’m booking be guaranteed to be reserved for me on this particular date?

With Presidential Limousine? Absolutely! God forbids unless something unforseen happens at the last minute mechanical wise. If that happens, then we will try to replace it with something similar as soon as we possibly can. Many limo companies won’t actually reserve your limo. Instead they continue to say that date & limo is available in hopes of getting a higher bidder. If someone is willing to pay more than you, they will simply cancel your reservation at the last minute.

Make sure you read the fine print of the service contracts, they say they do not guarantee the vehicle will be available for your occasion.

Presidential Limousine guarantees in writing that the vehicle you’re renting will be available for your booked date. Pictures on our website are actual pictures of the limo vehicles owned entirely by Presidential Limousine.

Does the price include a tip? Is tipping limo drivers mandatory?

It is customary to tip drivers 18-20% of the total cost. A driver tip is automatically charged by many limo companies, though some leave it up to the client to determine. Make sure to obtain the complete cost up front (including tip) when considering your choices.

Presidential Limousine gives you the total cost of your rental, without any hidden fees or surprise extras.

How big of a limo should I rent?

We suggest reserving a vehicle with room for 1-2 more people than are in your party. In our experience, last minute changes happen and it’s always best to be prepared. We cannot exceed the legal passenger capacity of the limos. Also please keep in mind the passengers who may be small, medium size, large or extra large. You want to make sure that everyone is comforatable.  

How can I play music in my limo?

Presidential Limousines provides AM/FM Stereo. In some vehciles we have Aux Integration and in some we have Blue Tooth and in some we have both. You have to bring your own Aux cable. It also varies depening on the vehicle. Not all companies have an AUX jack or Bluetooth to play your own music. 

Is there room for baggage / luggage in a limo?

Baggage capacity will depend on the specific limo you’re renting and the number of passengers you are bringing. Please let us know if you will require room for baggage ahead of time so we can make sure there is enough room in the vehicle.

What are the risks of choosing the cheapest limo company?

Risks You Accept When Shopping for the “Best Price”

  • Your limousine doesn’t show up. You might miss your concert or special event!
  • Your limousine is late – you miss your flight.
  • A 2001 model limousine (rusting at the seams) arrives at your door when you were expecting a modern limousine. Instead of being lavished in luxury, you are embarrassed and disappointed. 
  • Your limousine chauffeur exercises poor customer service with your company’s
    most influential client. You lose the account.
  • Your limousine breaks down on the freeway during transport to your wedding.
    You and your bridal party are late to the most important day of your life. But hey, you saved $75!
  • Your limousine gets into an accident and doesn’t have proper insurance
    to cover the damages involved in your injuries.

How to avoid bad limo service?

Don’t be the customer who’s ‘limo got into an accident’ or ‘limo company lost the reservation’ or ‘your limo is around the corner for the last hour’. Cover yourself by getting a signed contract and shopping smart. Shopping on price alone is dangerous. Unethical limo operators will not hesitate to drop a reservation to pickup a better paying fare.

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