Limo Service Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring is as lovely as it sounds, but that alone might not cut it if you are trying to rekindle an old flame. Although there’s an abundance of choices, here’s our pick for a classic date with an old romantic interest.

Do not automatically assume you still know this person. We all evolve and perhaps taking a trip down memory lane is what you’ll want to avoid. After all, there is something powerful in the thrill of the chase and the game of seduction. Don’t just pick up where you left off, start over and make the night most extraordinary. Hire a limo service and dress up to show you mean business this time around.

A Date for Outdoorsy Types

Summer is upon us, and summertime carries with it that strange mixture of nostalgia and optimism. Spending time together outdoors wil give you privacy as you explore the area. With that in mind, Sligo Creek Park and Rock Creek Park might be the places for you.

The Sligo Creek Park follows Sligo Creek and has a neat hiking trail. It is not far from the city, yet it lets you experience nature in all its glory. With deer walking freely along the path, you’ll find yourself forgetting about the daily grind.

In addition to hiking and cycling, Rock Creek Park has picnic grounds for a casual picnic under open skies. If you’d rather not go through the hassle of preparing a picnic basket yourself, get some takeout and a blanket for just the two of you.

The Silver Screen in Spring Silver

Spring Silver is home to AFI Silver, a magnificent and unique movie theater that shows classic and independent movies. Seeing a movie together can help both of you relax, not least because this theater has a special, classic feel to it.

Arriving at the theater in an equally classic limo would be absolutely fantastic, as it can give you a chance to catch up on your way there as well as show your date that you want the night to be special.

Dinner for Two

If you are looking for a special place for you two rekindlers to eat out in Silver Spring, there is a wide variety to choose from. Book a table and a limo and surprise your old flame with some new tricks.

The authentic Cuban cuisine at Cubano’s will blow your mind. The Society Lounge has not only blended Caribbean and American cuisine, but successfully added music to the mix. Whether it’s a professional DJ or a live music show, you won’t be disappointed.

For spicy West African food lovers, there is Golf Ultra Lounge. For a more classic chicken and waffle combo, check out Hen Quarter.

Keep It Rockin’

For a more vibrant experience of downtown Silver Spring right after dinner, we recommend a music show. Live music is electrifying, it brings people together and helps them loosen up, which might be exactly what you two need.

Nando’s Spicy Saturday Night Concerts has local bands performing at the Fountain Plaza stage, May through September. For a more intimate concert or a dance party featuring a DJ, check out The Filmore, you’re bound to have a blast.