Family Adventures in Clinton, MD

If you are planning a weekend of outdoor activities with your family, Clinton, MD is the town to visit. You and your family can enjoy a variety of activities, including a tour of the Clean Water Nature Center, the Surratt House Museum, and Cosca Regional Park, to mention only a few.

The best time to take your family on such an adventure would be during the summer or the colder months when there is no school so you can take your kids for a longer vacations. Most families enjoy sightseeing, which allows them to see many destinations in a short span of time. Some even hire a limo service for a truly unforgettable family adventure

Check out some of the activities your family will love in Clinton, MD.

Horse Riding

If your family is enthusiastic about horses, then the Piscataway Riding Stables and Horse Farm would be an ideal place to visit. You can hire a limo to drive your family to the farm. Your family can enjoy riding horses and ponies across the extensive 250-acre grassland. With great instructors on hand, your family will undoubtedly have one of the most memorable experiences ever.

The trail guides will also teach you how to handle your horse properly. If you are lucky, you may be able to catch a glimpse of other farm animals as you approach the stables.

Historic House Museums

Clinton, MD is also home to various museums and historic houses. Some of them include:

  • Poplar Hill on His Lordship’s Kindness

This house is an example of the late Georgian architecture. It has a vast field where children can run around playing as they enjoy other recreational activities. The guides will answer all your kids’ questions about the Poplar Hill as well as help them learn new things about the American history.

  • Surratt House Museum

This museum is rich in American history. A tour guide is always on standby to explain and answer all your questions. If your children are history fans, they will love visiting this museum!

Clearwater Nature Centre

This is another fun learning adventure for kids. At Clearwater Nature Center, they will be able to learn about various animals including birds of prey, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. The center is situated on a huge park that boasts excellent hiking trails which allow you to explore more of the park. 

Cedarville State Forest

Located 7 miles from south of Clinton, MD, Cedarville State Forest is a great place for families to hike, bike or run. Here you can also set up a camp and spend a night out. The climate around the forest is ideal for a variety of activities throughout the year. It’s great for hunting and fishing and has a number of pavilions and picnic areas where you and your family can have some real fun together. If you plan to camp here overnight, a limo service can drop you off at the site.