Get a Limo for Mom in Bowie, MD

Our mothers are the dearest people in our lives. We know we can count on their unconditional love and care. Given a chance, you could go on and on and on about how angelic mothers are.

What would be greater to show her how much you love and appreciate her than by pampering her on her birthday? Chocolate and flowers are great, but they do not cut it for this day. Thinking out of the box is mandatory.

If you live in Bowie, MD, this is how you can make your Mom’s birthday the best yet.

Hire a Limo Service

This should be on top of your to-do list. Your mom’s birthday should be your time to go all out and make it special for her. You could start by getting her the best limo service in Bowie, MD area to chauffer her around on her birthday. 

VIP Spa Experience

You mother may not have the time to do something just for herself. Talk to her best friends to and get them to accompany her on her limo ride to an all-paid beauty salon and spa at Robert Andrew Salon and Spas. Your mother will not only enjoy the company of her friends but will also get a relaxing body massage, hair treatment, pedicure and manicure – a real treat for the body and soul!

Dress her up

After the spa, you can steal your Mom away from her friends and take her shopping to a boutique of her choice. This day is all about pampering her, right? There is a variety of high-end boutiques in Bowie, MD ranging from Nstyle Clothing Boutique, G Shop and ViVi Trendsetter Boutique, to mention a few. Help her choose an outfit and don’t forget to compliment her – it usually takes so little for a woman to feel beautiful and attractive. 

Take her out for dinner

You could make reservations at one of her favorite restaurants or a restaurant she always wanted to go to. If you need ideas, we suggest The Rip’s County Inn. This is a charming restaurant located on the outskirts of Bowie. Since this rustic dining mainstay has existed since 1952, chances are your mother has been there before. This restaurant’s unique décor will have your Mom reminisce about the good old days when Bowie, MD was home to the horse racing circuit, when fresh food and good music was in abundance.

Your other option is to organize a romantic dinner for your parents. After a day of pampering for her birthday, your Mom will want to share the positive experience with her husband. You can make that happen. The limo you hired can drop her off at the restaurant where your Dad would be waiting for her to have a candle lit dinner. Your parents will feel young again, remember that life is full of beauty and joy when you share it with someone you love.