Safe Prom = Fort Belvoir Limo Service in VA

The prom is an important milestone in your teenager’s life. They must’ve spent months talking about it, preparing and visiting every shop in Fort Belvoir, VA to find the right outfit, and it’s highly unlikely they are not excited.

As a parent, you may be a bit concerned about what might happen at the prom. Most concerns are exaggerated, but we shouldn’t neglect the fact that there may be alcohol, a thing your teenager may not be used to, among other things.

If you want to make sure your teenager is safe without being overbearing and overprotective, take a look at the advice below.

Have an honest conversation

Talk to your teenager before the party. Make them aware of the dangers without intimidating them. Show them that you have good intentions and would like them to enjoy life but in a controlled way. Discuss the issue of peer pressure and how to deal with it. You should also discuss the issue of drunk-driving.

Organize transport

Traveling to and from the prom can be tricky if you don’t plan it in advance. Make sure that teenagers don’t drive that night, but encourage them to hire a chauffeur. There is even a better way – hire a limo service! Your teen will fall in love with this idea because it will make the occasion even more special.

With all the luxury of a limo with its own entertainment system, air conditioning and other amenities, your teenager will have an unforgettable prom experience before the party even starts. Besides, a limo can accommodate their friends, as well. What’s more, you can be sure they will get to the prom safely.

Inquire about post-party plans

Teens almost always have post-prom party plans. Where will the kids head after the party and what will they do? Ask about the after party plans your teenager and their friends have. It is your role to ensure that your kid remains safe throughout the night. You can hire a limo to transport the party safely from one place to another in and around Fort Belvoir, VA. That way, neither you nor your teenager will have anything to worry about.

Be the bad cop if necessary 

To make sure your teen is safe, you may have to play the role of the toughest cop in Fort Belvoir. You don’t always have to agree with everything that your teenager suggests. Try to do some research about the party and assess its safety level. Point out the possible dangers and set some boundaries. There is only so much you can control, but you can, for example, determine the time they would have to be home, or maybe call.

Do not fall for a popular notion that more fun will make the teenager love you more. Respect their boundaries and privacy but show a firm hand. After all, it’s their safety that matters the most.