Looking for a Fairfax Limo Service in VA? 

Phew! Twelve exciting months have passed and there’s still more to come. Every anniversary is important and should be marked as a milestone, but may feel that the first one is the most significant. It deserves to be celebrated as one of the most important milestones after your marriage.

From romantic dinners to hiring a reliable Fairfax limo service, here are some of the tips to make your first wedding anniversary memorable.

Lighten up her morning

Start your day on a romantic note. Wake up earlier than your wife and prepare a sumptuous breakfast in bed. Let her wake up to an eye-candy sight of an anniversary card or a short romantic message written on a piece of paper.

However, if you are the kind of guy who turns the kitchen upside down when making a simple breakfast, you could always buy fresh French croissants from the local bakery. They have a romantic ring to them and can make your wife feel a little bit like she woke up in a Parisian hotel.

Red Rose

The sight of a red rose flower will melt her heart. Surprise her by placing it on the bedside, or you can give it to her just before she leaves for work. Another perfect way to surprise her is to have the bouquet delivered to her workplace. She will feel special, not to mention be the envy of her female coworkers.

Do not give her a plain flower – pimp it up with a personal romantic message. It will show that you put an effort just to make her happy in MD.

Romantic destination

Here you will have to do proper planning especially if both of you are busy with work. You can ask for a day off so that you can enjoy your anniversary without any work pressure. When it comes to traveling, planning in advance will save you from the last minute rush.

You could take her out to a special place in Fairfax, VA. Make the journey smooth and comfortable by hiring a luxurious limo. You will not only enjoy the comfort that comes with a limo but an elegant interior that will create a romantic atmosphere.

One thing about a limo service is you will get a VIP treatment. All other vehicles on the road will look inferior to yours. In short, the service will make you feel like the best couple in the whole of Fairfax, VA. Make your wife feel like a true princess again.

Count the stars

Instead of staying indoors, plan a romantic outdoor dinner. It can be in a hotel or just in your backyard. There’s a lot to be gained by investing effort in arranging the setting, the lighting, the flower arrangement, choosing the wine and dessert. After all, the fact that you organized it yourself is what matters the most. 


Such a special day cannot be complete without a special gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive; personalize it. Choose something your loved one is passionate about, or maybe simply a piece of jewelry she’s been eyeing for some time. Show her that you pay attention to her little wishes and are ready to make them come true.

Renew your vows

Crown the day by renewing your marriage vows. This will not only remind you of the big day but also show your commitment to protecting your union. The vows can be renewed before a small gathering of friends. Once this little party is over, you can gather your friends in a limo for an unforgettable on-the-road party round Fairfax, VA. Celebrate your love – celebrate life!