Occasions to Use a Limo

4 Occasions to Use a Limo

Occasions to Use a LimoSome people think a limo service is reserved for all things wedding: bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and riding away from the reception in style. In reality, limos are a perfect way to make any occasion special. Think beyond the classic “I Dos.” Try adding a limo service to elevate one of these everyday occasions.
1. The Anniversary
Jazz up your next wedding or relationship anniversary by adding a chauffeur service to the package. Arrange for a fancy dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date or that new tapas place you’ve always wanted to try. Surprise your partner with a bottle of champagne and a ride that will make him or her feel as special as the day you met.
2. The Girls’ (or Boys’) Weekend
Get away from the frantic pace of work and the stresses of everyday life. Elevate your next friends weekend by adding a party bus to your itinerary. Looking for a laid-back wine weekend in Virginia? Charter a bus, and sip Chardonnay as you take in the scenery of wine country. Is a raucous weekend more your style? Check out the local casinos or sporting events without worrying about safe transportation.
3. The Graduation Celebration
Investing in your education is a noble goal, and graduation – whether it’s with a bachelor’s degree or a Ph.D. – is an incredible achievement. Say goodbye to the hallowed halls of your academic institution in style. One of our chauffeurs will squire you from dinner to drinks and beyond, and you have a fleet of vehicle options to choose from. Whether your graduation is an intimate gathering or you’re hosting a large group, we have a vehicle to fit your tastes.
Occasions to Use a Limo4. A “Just Because” Date
It’s easy for us to get stuck in our patterns. Though a routine may be comfortable, too much of the same old thing can get boring. Keep the spark going with your special someone with a spontaneous special occasion date, complete with world-class transportation. Sip on a cocktail while one of our drivers takes you wherever you want to go – whether it’s to a special meal or a sojourn out of the city. Your partner will thank you, and you’ll keep the romance alive!

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